Dear Julia

08 Nov

Of course I have heard of Julia Child growing up, who hasn’t. I never once watched her show or anything she had ever been on. When the movie, Julia & Julia came out I really wanted to go see it. I didn’t get the chance. I have it reserved on my Netflix list, finally, and will see it soon. In the meantime, I have watched Julia for free on the PBS website this past week. I really enjoy watching her because she reminds me of myself; awkward in front of the camera, saying small things that were in her head and she thinks is funny, passionate for learning all she can about food.

She asks her helper chefs all the right questions and she is informative,  not just filling dead air with nonsense. Comparing her to cooking shows of today, which I watch a lot of, is a complete 360° turn around. Julia actually teaches throughout each episode and the shows of today, are more about “look what I can do” moments than teaching.

I’m excited watching and learning from Julia and I am happy she created these films to pass along for generations. My three-year old calls her the ‘pad of butter lady’. We counted 10 times in one episode that she added butter to the dish in different stages. I think that is something we have changed for the better since her time. We are health conscience about how we cook things now. Or, at least we should be!


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Posted by on November 8, 2009 in Journal


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