The Sound of Snap

14 Dec

Life is like a giant 3D puzzle. The design on the box looks really cool and not complicated at all. You talk your Mom/Grandma/Significant other into buying you that amazing puzzle you just Have to have and you hold it in your lap during your ride, just staring at all the intricacies and tiny details. You are so enveloped by the thoughts surrounding this new adventure that you don’t even realize you’re already home. Once inside, your jacket melts from you and the box is open on the floor. Only then do you begin to realize that this puzzle is like none you’ve ever seen before. It glows radiantly, each piece is back-lit by a glorious dawning light you can’t shake your eyes from.

Thousands, no millions, of pieces that change shape without warning, unless you find their match and lock the parts together. Billions of possibilities to shape and design this elaborate puzzle and you have the choices, good or bad, right or wrong, in front of you. Each snap sound you make as you complete a pattern fills you with joy and exhilaration as you decide firmly to search out the next piece that belongs in this set. Just as finding the right path makes your world sing, making a mistake throws you off course for some time. You may become discouraged, you may feel like giving up if you’ve accidently dropped the picture onto the floor and shattered all your hard work. You may feel like throwing it all back into the box and walking away. But, because of your genetic inheritance you have from your ancient ancestors to complete the challenge, dropping these millions of pieces on the floor only gives you a stronger need to win this game.

….To be continued…
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Posted by on December 14, 2009 in Journal


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