Creations from my Creation

18 Nov

My four-year old has played kitchen since before she could walk. I would take her to play at the park and we’d rush to sit  under the picnic benches that would transform into her hot dog or ice-cream stand, and I’d be the many costumers ordering fantastically named imaginary items. When she turned two we bought her a large play kitchen with every cent we could scrape together, borrow, find in the soda machine. We spent Christmas Eve putting it together (after we put her to bed). Then we wrapped it up with a big red bow.

It took her a while to notice the giant present in the room because she was two and extremely excited to see all of us sitting on the couch waiting for her as she teetered out of her room in the dark. Our faces were lit up by the lights of the tree and she thought that was the most wonderful thing. When she noticed the wrapped present we encouraged her to try to rip the paper. That is when she really woke up to full speed. She was so fascinated by this gift of a play kitchen just like mommy’s that she still plays with it everyday. We moved it out of our living room and into her own room seven months ago, and that is when her creations became very detailed. We call her ‘Chef Windy’ and she is the family delight! P.S. She is very creative with her dish titles.

These are some of the dishes she has created this week:

  • Corn-on-the-cob with garlic, lemon, butter and salt/ peppered to taste
  • Donuts with a side of cold shrimp
  • Strawberry peanut ice-cream
  • Garlic Chicken
  • Pizza Pot Pie
  • Avocado Bread
  • Sweet Celery Shrimp

Her stories are exhilarating while endless, she inspires everyone she meets to be a little more child-like, and I love her more than words could say!


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