Kitchen Gift Ideas

02 Dec

Around Christmas everyone starts asking behind the backs of the chefs/cooks they love “Do you know what _____ would like for Christmas?” Because apparently a person who is amazing in the kitchen is difficult to buy for. I can understand the assumption that one may make about an amazing chef, that is; they must already have all the equipment they need or else how could they make things that taste like Heaven itself?!

Here is a nice, low-cost list of kitchen gadgets, appliances, and tools every kitchen would love to acquire.

I have been wanting a microplane like this for a long time. I think every kitchen should have one to make zesting cleaner and easier. It’s also great for grating chocolate, nuts, and in a bind you could make bread crumbs with it too!

These round dough cutters would be very cool for making biscuits, cookies, and even tops for individual pot-pies!

Every time I make split-pea soup or hummus or a salad dressing or sauce, I wish I had this hand immersion/blender in my kitchen!

I could have that bottle of wine I’d like to serve with supper already open, aerated, and chilled by the time I put the plates on the table (And do it all by myself) with this wine bottle opener.

Over the years I have tried every coffee maker there is on the market. I have been so disappointed in my purchases that during one month I bought four different coffee makers. Until I bought the Mr Coffee 12 cup coffee maker. I’ve had it a year now and she still brews up a delicious pot of my morning Colombian like the first day I pulled her out of her packaging womb. If you’re like me and you cannot survive the day without a cup of coffee you’ll be needing a great coffee maker too!

Another item I could not live without would be my crockpot. Over my 17 years of parenting I have been through many of these and I haven’t found my favorite yet. I keep two of different sizes on hand and I use them every week because honestly, I have more spunk in the morning (it could be the coffee) and fixing dinner when you have more spunk trumps ordering pizza when you are so strung out from a day of never ending stress that you can’t stand the sound of your family’s voice. I use this little beast to keep me sane!

The Chef Pan; This baby is my best friend in my kitchen. I cook practically everything in it. I got it this year and I actually don’t know what I did before I had one! Remember to not use metal or a scratch pad on it!

I want to make a plea for liquid measuring cups here. I know grabbing the measuring cup that you use for flour, sugar, and other dry ingredients is just plain simpler but having this liquid measuring cup not only helps keep baking consistent, it makes any chef/cook look cool too!

This list could go on and on until tomorrow so I’ll stop here for now. This list should give anyone a great start on what to get the cook in their life!


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