Week 29 Menu

10 Dec

I feel like I need to give my four year old a break. She is the youngest in the house by 10 years and we as a family sometimes forget that although her pallet is advanced for her age she is still a young member at the table. She has been a hard core trooper while suffering (not always so quietly) through my obsessive attempts at serving healthy meals for my entire family!

She has brought love back into our family. She reminded us to stay close to one another as we were all growing apart with age. She reminds us to play pretend, run and dance, and to laugh at the silly things. She has a unique look on the world that none of us have ever seen before. She was our special gift from God and we need to let her know more often how much we appreciate her. Yes, we tell her we love her every five minutes, and we give in to her relentless games of pretend that last for five hours at a time, but I do not know if she truly understands how much she really saved our family and made us complete.

So, this week I hope to please and celebrate her while keeping the rest of us satisfied as well. This week will be Pizza Week at our house. Wish us luck and joy this week as we celebrate our dear little one!


Left-overs / Clean out your fridge


Spicy Chicken and Mild Sauce Pizza



Italian Sausage, Mushroom, & Fresh Tomato Pizza


Roasted Cauliflower and Olive Pizza


Deep Dish Pepperoni Spinach Pizza


Broccoli Pesto Pizza

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