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Welcome to Eel’s Sewing Shop!

I have a shop located on (the logo above will link you there).


8-17-2011: Due to the injury last year I have moved my room, yet again. Now my sewing space/office is upstairs. I’m loving the two windows!

7-14-2011: I created a new messenger bag design and a snack bad design. I’m in the process of sew testing them.

3-8-2011: I painted and organized a new sewing space in the basement.

2-3-2011: I bought a new sewing machine and a serger from Sewing Machines plus. ❤ them!

11-14-2010 I bought a storage bowl crochet pattern on Etsy and I’m now working on my second bowl in-between working on my masters degree.

4-12-10 My sewing machine needle bar became out of sync so instead of paying way to much for it to be fixed, I will buy a new machine at a third of the price!

Available now in The Shop:


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